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  gAL-bursaries is the largest single open database of bursaries available to South Africa's students, for local and international study
James McBride Scholarship
Study in Accounting, Business Economics, Economics or Business Adminstration. Financial need, satisfactory academic performance
CAR Magazine
Journalism at the University of Stellenbosch
SA Druggists Postgraduate Scholarship
Full-time Masters& Doctral study in the Chemistry Dept in the field of drug-inclusion chemistry
Noble, Roderick, Scholarship
Field:Arts, Science, Social Science & Humanities. Awarded to graduate obtaining the highest marks in Bachelors degree. For study towards a higher degree. Tenable at UCT.
SAALED Bursary
Awarded to persons who are in possession of the necessary entrance requirements to undertake a year's full-time study at a university or college of education in SA in order to obtain a degree or diploma with specialisation in Remedial Education.
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