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Abe Bailey Travel Bursary
  a travel bursary to britain.(applicants can be students who have completed at leat 2 years of study in an university or staff not over the age of 25yrs.)
Ashe Oliver
  candidates who have lived in kimberly or attended school in kimberly. postgraduate to study at an overseas university
British Council
  postgraduate study in britain any field of study
Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarships for students of Southern Africa
  scholarship for graduate study abroad. (applicable to citizens of southern african countries under the age of 26.applicants must have a first class or a high second class for their honours degree or its equivelent.)
Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarships of South Africa
  for overseas graduate study abroad. (candidates must be citizens of south africa under the age of 26, possesing a first class or high second class honours degree or the equivilant.)
Cambridge Livingstone Trust Scholarships
  scholarships for graduate and undergraduate studies overseas. (full cost awards to students from southern african countries. awards are conditional on candidates gaining admission to cambridge university.)
Crasnow Postgraduate Scholarship
  all disciplines. uct graduates for approved overseas postgraduate study in any approved field, with preference to for study in israel.
Crossley, Henry, Bursary
  all disciplines excpet political & religious studies. uct graduates for approved overseas study in any approved field.
Elsie Ballot Scholarships
  overseas study. (candidates must be unmarried males of european descent and south african by birth aged between 19-25. awards are tenable only at cambridge university hence preference is given to graduates of distinction.)
  for overseas study in science, economics, business administration, medicine or teaching
Katholischer Akademischer Auslanderdienst[KAAD]
  all disciplines except theology. catholic graduates holding at least a bachelor's degree with a 2nd class upper division or better. age limit for masters & phd: 32 & #5 respectively. tenable at universities in germany or zimbabwe.
Kotze, SIR Robert, Bursaries
  all disciplines. uct graduates for approved overseas postgraduate study in any approved field, in europe/ north america.
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