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A Trevor Williams' Scholarships
  postgraduate study in physics & electronics
  for postgraduate study only given to members of the atkv and their dependents
Carl and Emily Fuchs Overseas Scholarship
  postgraduate study in sciences, technology, economics, finance, business, human health and education. financial need, satisfactory academic performance
  for postgraduate studies in wood science. the applicant has to send a summary of the intended research to ctc p.o. box 495 pietermaritzburg 3200
Civil Engineering Postgraduate Scholarship
  for postgraduate research in any specialised field of civil engineering
Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa
  postgraduate for students who will be doing research on corrosion or corrosion control
DAAD German Academic Exchange Service Scholarships
  postgraduate study in science, economics and applied social science
DAAD-German Academic Exchange Service
  postgraduate disadvantaged south africans
  postgraduate history
Departmental Awards based on Need and Merit: Bokhors Matthijs, Bursary
  postgraduate study in music
Departmental Awards Based on Need and Merit: Kellman, Ascher Bursary
  for postgraduate study in pianoforte
Departmental Awards Based on Need and Merit: Kramer, Jules, Music & Fine Arts Grants Local
  for postgraduate study in music and fine arts
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