Dept of Justice
Theo Beukes Bursaries
  llb undergraduate
John Kuhn Fellowship & Trust
  llb undergraduate
Attorneys Fidelity Fund
  llb, south african universities
The Attorneys Fidelity Fund Bursaries
  study for the llb in a south african university.(requirement for qualification is one/other of the following:ba(law),bcom(law), bjuris, bproc.
Pearce Rood Scholarship
  for preliminary or intermediate year of an llb degree. (awarded on recommendation of the departmental executive committee)
Fidelity Fund for Attorneys
  llb postgraduate
Rossouw Bursary
  llb postgraduate
Grant and Marjorie Mckerron Scholarship
  final year of study for the llb degree.(awarded on recommendation of the head of department of law)
Stellenbosch 2000
  postgraduate llb bd bed university of stellenbosch
Morris Zimmerman Scholarship
  study of final year in need, satisfactory academic performance
Cliffe, Dekker en Tood
  prize for 2nd and 3rd year llb students from the university of stellenbosch


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