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B P Postgraduate Enviromental Scholarships
  study of the enviroment. financial need, satisfactory academic performance
B S Pryce Memorial Bursary
  study in engineering preferable (civil),built enviroment (building science.) financial need, satisfactory academic performance
Babette Taute Trust
  english students entering their final year of studies for their degree of any branch of english. bursaries are granted up to honors level only
Babette Taute Trust Bursary
  students of any branch of english literature or language
Babette Taute Trust Bursary
  for full time study for honours degree in eglish literature or langauge.
Babetter Taute Trust
Backeberg Research Scholarship
  study in chemistry. financial need, satisfactory academic performance
Bailey Travel
  at least two years of study at a university provided not more than 25 years of age
Ballot Elsie Scholarship
  preference is given to graduates of distinction and character
Bank of Lisbon
  economic and management sciences postgraduate
Barcom Electronics (PTY) Ltd
  2nd year onwards of b eng (electrical) service obligation
Barlow Manufacturing Co. Ltd
  bsc electrical, chemical, mechanical, civil eng. service obligation
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