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1820 Settlers' Association of South Africa
  all fields of study applicants must be members of the association or their dependants
S A Weed Science Society Award
  awarded to student with best thesis on weeds, weeds control / a subject closely related to weed science.
S A WISE Penelope & Robert Angus Scholarship
  honours level, to sub-saharan woman graduate with 60%/ above grade average in subject of study
SA Association for Learning & Educational Difficulties
  south african's who are qualified, experienced teachers/ therapists wishing to study in the field of specialised education & return to the field.
SA Beplanningsinstituut
  town planning
SA Blind Workers Association
  blind or visually impaired students, or students whose parents are blind or visually impaired all fields of study
SA College Croll Scholarship
  field:arts, science, social science & humanitiesawarded to graduate obtaining a 1st class honours degree or masters degree with distinction. recipient must be under the age of 30 & be prepared to study towards a higher degree.
SA Council for the Blind Bursary
  all fields.
SA Droevrugte Kooperasie (SAD)
  food science
SA Droevrugte Kooperasie (SAD) Werknemersbeurs
  food science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, marketing only for dependants of employees of sad
SA Druggists Postgraduate Scholarship
  full-time masters& doctral study in the chemistry dept in the field of drug-inclusion chemistry
SA Footplate Personnel Association
  all fields of study student must be a child of a member of the association
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