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gAL-bursaries is the largest single open database of bursaries available to South Africa's students, for local and international study. In total there are 1790 bursary offers available...
What is a bursary? A bursary is extra financial help for students from the University. This money does not have to be paid back. Bursaries are based primarily on financial need. Some bursaries may include other selection criteria such as extracurricular involvement, leadership, etc. Bursaries are meant to supplement, not replace, students' primary sources of funding such as OSAP or other provincial financial assistance, employment income, and parental/spousal contributions
Do I have to pay a bursary back? No, a bursary is a non repayable grant. However if you withdraw from your course or take a leave of absence you may have to repay a percentage of your bursary that you received in that academic year
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Queen Victoria Memorial Scholarship [CUP] - ( 08.12.2019 15:18:27 )
  as above
SAMRO Intermediate Busaries for Composition Study In Southern Africa - ( 08.12.2019 15:18:01 )
  bursaries for study of composition as major subject in the serious or contemporary popular music genres. only citizens born after 31/01/1968 of all countries within samro's territory, sa, botswana, lesotho and swaziland may apply.
Lipoprotein Scholarship - ( 08.12.2019 15:17:51 )
  full-time masters & doctral study & research
Tetje Pattison Bursaries - ( 08.12.2019 15:17:46 )
  study in arts ( biblical and religious studies iii).financial need, satisfactory academic performance
Maritz John Plen Bursary - ( 08.12.2019 15:17:35 )
  all faculties. financial need, satisfactory academic performance
Steroid Postgrad Scholarship - ( 08.12.2019 15:16:48 )
  full-time masters or doctral research into synthesis & structure activity relationships of steroidal hormones
De Villiers (Dorothy de Villiers) - ( 08.12.2019 15:16:21 )
  any field of study part time postgraduate students
BP Research Bursary in Rural Development - ( 08.12.2019 15:15:56 )
  rural development postgraduate
Merc Postgraduate Scholarship - ( 08.12.2019 15:13:25 )
  full-time masters & doctral study/research
Mimi Coertze - ( 08.12.2019 15:08:26 )
  human sciences postgraduate or undergraduate
George Hibbert Scholarship in Physiotherapy - ( 08.12.2019 15:04:10 )
  study in health sciences.(bsc physiotherapy.) financial need, satisfactory academic performance
Annemarie Basson - ( 08.12.2019 15:03:19 )
  human sciences undergraduate preference is given to students with philosophy as a major
Open Society Scholars Fund Bursaries - ( 08.12.2019 15:01:46 )
  all faculties. financial need, satisfactory academic performance
Rhone-Poulenc - ( 08.12.2019 15:00:30 )
  postgraduate study chemistry (pest control)
DAAD-German Academic Exchange Service - ( 08.12.2019 14:55:37 )
  postgraduate disadvantaged south africans
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