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gAL-bursaries is the largest single open database of bursaries available to South Africa's students, for local and international study. In total there are 1790 bursary offers available...
What is a bursary? A bursary is extra financial help for students from the University. This money does not have to be paid back. Bursaries are based primarily on financial need. Some bursaries may include other selection criteria such as extracurricular involvement, leadership, etc. Bursaries are meant to supplement, not replace, students' primary sources of funding such as OSAP or other provincial financial assistance, employment income, and parental/spousal contributions
Do I have to pay a bursary back? No, a bursary is a non repayable grant. However if you withdraw from your course or take a leave of absence you may have to repay a percentage of your bursary that you received in that academic year
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Scholarships For Students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds: UCT Council Honours Research Scholrships - ( 22.02.2020 14:59:48 )
  limited number available, 75% aggregate in 2 bachelor subjects(major), intention to continue tp masters level at uct, restricted to students from previuosly advantaged eduction system
University Council Bursaries - ( 22.02.2020 14:57:32 )
  financial need, satisfactory academic performance. matriculants and stuidents in any year of study.
South African Medical Research Council: Overseas Scholarships - ( 22.02.2020 14:51:16 )
  south african citizens under 50 years, posses medical degree, bachelor's degree in dentistry & 2 years experience or doctorate in health or biomedical field, to return to south africa for at least 3 years
Sappi Bursary - ( 22.02.2020 14:48:09 )
  faculty of engineering.
Namdeb Bursary Scheme - ( 22.02.2020 14:47:46 )
  chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering namibian citizens only 8 week vacation training service obligation
H E Griffin Charitable Trust - ( 22.02.2020 14:42:14 )
  study of the cardio-vascular research. financial need, satisfactory academic performance
Union of Jewish Women of South Africa - ( 22.02.2020 14:41:20 )
  postgraduate female students any field of study
Foundation for Research Development - ( 22.02.2020 14:40:24 )
  natural sciences masters (new applications)
Chartered Accountants Bursaries - ( 22.02.2020 14:37:07 )
  study in commerce. financial need, satisfactory academic performance
National Association for the Blind - ( 22.02.2020 14:37:01 )
  for blind or visually handicapped for tertiary or secondary education
Matsumae International Foundation - ( 22.02.2020 14:36:48 )
  for research of 3-12 months b/w april 2002 and march 2003. applicants must already hold a doctorate or have at least two years of research experience after having completed their master's degree. must be under the age of 40 at the time of application
TECSAT (Western Cape) (Technical College Student Aid Trust) - ( 22.02.2020 14:34:27 )
  students in financial need aged 18-25 years who have completed at least grade 10 resident in the western cape. bursary grants are given for study at state technical colleges from orientation, trade and skill courses up to n6 or equivalent.
University Council Sports Scholarships - ( 22.02.2020 14:32:04 )
  all faculties. financial need, satisfactory academic performance
La Grange - ( 22.02.2020 14:30:06 )
  electronic engineering postgraduate masters degree
Solomon, Sir William, Memorial Scholarship - ( 22.02.2020 14:28:23 )
  uct graduate. for research in law.
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