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gAL-bursaries is the largest single open database of bursaries available to South Africa's students, for local and international study. In total there are 1790 bursary offers available...
What is a bursary? A bursary is extra financial help for students from the University. This money does not have to be paid back. Bursaries are based primarily on financial need. Some bursaries may include other selection criteria such as extracurricular involvement, leadership, etc. Bursaries are meant to supplement, not replace, students' primary sources of funding such as OSAP or other provincial financial assistance, employment income, and parental/spousal contributions
Do I have to pay a bursary back? No, a bursary is a non repayable grant. However if you withdraw from your course or take a leave of absence you may have to repay a percentage of your bursary that you received in that academic year
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Leopold Premyslav Scholarship Fund - ( 02.03.2021 08:56:56 )
  age restriction - 25 undergraduate for music students only
Friends of Peterhouse Bursaries - ( 02.03.2021 08:45:27 )
  overseas graduates to read for 1or 2 years taught graduate course (not phd). under 25 years, liable for university fees at overseas rate, study for undergraduate course of the university of cambridge
AFRICON - ( 02.03.2021 08:32:56 )
  civil or electrical engineering or computer science service obligation: 1 year for every funded year of study
The Judge Philip Schock Foundation Bursaries - ( 02.03.2021 08:27:59 )
  for the postgraduate study in law (intermediate) & masters in clinical psychology (first year or internship year.)
Florence van der Bijil Music Bursary (In conjunction with the Martha Washington club) - ( 02.03.2021 08:13:35 )
  study in arts (music) financial need, satisfactory academic performance
FAK - Senior Music Bursary - ( 02.03.2021 08:05:50 )
Samro Bursaries for General Music study in Southern Africa - ( 02.03.2021 08:03:48 )
  music 1st and 2nd year of study
Quick - ( 02.03.2021 08:01:37 )
  music applicants may not be older than 23
Suider-Afrikaanse Musiekregte Organisasie (SAMRO) - ( 02.03.2021 07:56:53 )
  1. music composing as main subject 2. music
Raymond Pullen Scholarships for the Arts - ( 02.03.2021 07:12:38 )
  south african students to pursue studies inh music, fine art/drama.
ABB Industrial (Pty) Ltd Bursary Scheme - ( 02.03.2021 06:59:46 )
  service binding contract after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary
W J B Slater Postgraduate Scholarship in the Performing Arts - ( 02.03.2021 06:42:58 )
  academic merit, character qualities, no other form of financial aid may be held without permission of foundation
Jim & Gladys Taylor Education Trust - ( 02.03.2021 05:58:00 )
  financial need, satisfactory academic performance, only graduates of witwatersrand and randse afrikaanse university, study to be in earth sciences
Departmental Awards Based on Need and Merit: Overbeek, John & Margaret Scholarship - ( 02.03.2021 05:57:26 )
  awarded primarily on academic basis for advanced study in social work
Adie Fuhrmann - ( 02.03.2021 05:52:01 )
  faculty of arts undergraduate and postgraduate
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